The mandatory steps which are required to be taken from the lawyer’s side are that he should take all sort of instructions in the form of writing from the client-side as to what is to be done when it is to be done when to obtain client’s authorization, must disclose to the client what all kind of information he would be disclosed in front of the court and what its consequences would be, decline all those kind of information with the client does not authorize close, should maintain a record regarding what all steps are to be taken in and to be given to the client and what all he gives responses for the same, should assert the privilege on the behalf of the client he’s not been able to locate or to be found anywhere. All such kind of information has to be viewed in a very careful and diligent manner so that the requirements of the client as well as that of the court, tribunal, or another independent arbitration can be provided accordingly without hampering the interest of the public or without associating any kind of risk, harm or physical bodily injury to the client and his/her associated members who are related to the client.

There are situations that can be aroused in front of the court regarding the risk of life to the client and what to do in such scenarios, then advice or an order can be passed by the relevant authority to protect the client from external forces which can create an impact to the case as well as that to the client’s associates or his members. Information that is required to be disclosed in order to prevent any kind of bodily harm or prevent death. Since the law is to protect the interest of public from any kind of external damages or physical damages which can be incurred in the future, it is also the duty of the prime duty of the Canadian Immigration Lawyer to protect the interest of his client from physical mental or any bodily injury can be incurred.

There are certain situations in case of the confidential information when not disclosed and it would lead to an imminent risk of the life of the client be it a bodily injury or be it in case of death, it must be noted that such kind of information should be disclosed. Here bodily harm refers not only to Physical bodily harm, it also refers to mental or psychological harm which can hamper the interest of the Client or the health of the client as well. There are a number of factors which are required to be considered from the Canadian Immigration Lawyers part as to what kind of information is required to be disclosed at the time when there is a risk of some bodily harm for any kind of harm in relation to or associated with that of the client like any feasible way to overcome or prevent any of the potential threat or injury to the client, to check the potential injury or threat which can be imminent. When the Canadian Immigration Lawyer acquires the information under circumstances with prospective action or client’s intent.